There are are lots of different ways to do a good MBA project, and there is clearly no single 'right' model I would recommend.

I will post good examples which I come across below. (with the author's permission) To open these papers you will need to use the Adobe Acrobat software. (a link to their download site is also below)

Your comments would be appreciated.adobe.gif (712 bytes)

BS00877A.gif (1713 bytes) Selected Papers

Danny Daniels,  "A critical review of The Third Way for developing London Underground" (1999)

Allan Beattie, "How can a UK-based Private Equity Firm Establish a Credible Presence in the European Private Equity Market?" (2000)

Anjali Gupta, "The Information Revolution in Small Business Finance- The Singapore Experience" (2001)

More coming soon!
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